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Honda got this mean machine coming

Born for Europe's market
Different topic, but yes, that's another small RWD electric hatchback we won't get. That one's distinctly not a long range vehicle that would suit US tastes, however. It only has a 35.5kWh battery. It's also small enough such that, even with its efficient packaging, it's not going to appeal to the typical US buyer.

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mkoesel vreihen16 fair comments.


Personally, I think the answer lies elsewhere (fuel cell technology because...
Sure, whatever works best long term is fine with me. An FCEV is still an EV (its right there in the name), so all the things that make EVs attractive to me today should still apply. That is except, of course, home charging. However, on the route to becoming consumer-ready, a future FCEV evolution could be the inclusion of a small battery for daily use, with the ability to use the fuel cell for longer trips and quick refills.