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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
I'll have to watch that Chris Rock clip lol. I couldn't agree with you more, and all this is never going way. Social media is not just some fad because it manipulates peoples' people's self esteem. Human beings innately feel the need for belonging and self-righteous and Instagram and the lot are an easy way to provide that validation.

Not to mention all the money involved too with getting more social media followers. Anything that makes money will never go away.
I've tried, unsuccessful at that, explaining to people that social media is nothing more than a very clever marketing/advertising tool. When a product is free, you are the product.

Originally Posted by aozer View Post
this was always an issue when i was on tinder. before meeting girls would sometimes ask for instagram or snapchat or whatever. i have no social media at all and their first assumption was usually that i was a serial killer or catfish or some shit when i said that.
Of course they don't want to date someone who isn't on social media, they don't want to be made to feel inferior by dating someone who can think for themselves or need affirmation for going to McDonald's for lunch.

Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
These chicks are airheads who can't think for themselves. They live in an altered version of reality where social media = status. Frankly, in my experience, such people live for their drunken weekends and Instagram. They have nothing else going for them.

My boys who pull the most don't waste their time with social media.
I agree and disagree with this. When I was on facebook, the amount of successful encounters with ladies was off the charts. Some simply use social media as a form of a "dating" pool. I'm to a point in life where this no longer means anything to me. I know that I can get ladies so it's no longer a challenge or even something I'm all that interested in. I've left that lifestyle and have been with the same girl for almost 2 years now; life is just much simpler this way and I'm much happier of a person.

On a side not that coincides with this thread; I've spent most of my morning getting my right rear tire repaired. Tires are less than 2 months old and I picked up a screw at a car wash this weekend because some asshole wanted to clean his truck bed out in the car wash stall. I spend more of my time cleaning up my mess after working on projects than the actual project to ensure I don't leave anything behind for someone else to clean up. On my way to the second tire store, because the first refused to patch the tire, I end up hitting someone's exhaust (full exhaust, muffler and all) in the middle of the road. Why can people simply not pick up after themselves.

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