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Originally Posted by PrematureApex View Post
Many of us do/have. Myself, and many many others, would recommend against running them without also replacing the shocks/struts. The car is way underdamped otherwise...bounces around and will smack the bump stops on high-speed larger impacts.

Get yourself some Bilsteins to go with the springs, you'll be much happier.
Well that sucks... I was hoping since I had M-sport dampers, adding the H&R springs would be quick, easy, and cheap. No free lunch I guess.

Originally Posted by PrematureApex View Post
Are you sure it wasn't a toe issue? Camber doesn't kill tires, toe does. Unless you were running like -5 or something back there...
The toe was as close to zero as they could get it. My e36 m3 had zero toe with -3 degrees camber and that setup ate the rear tires like no tomorrow too. I'm not sure why it happened to me when I keep reading online otherwise...

Originally Posted by PrematureApex View Post
But yes, car aligns perfectly fine on the H&Rs. I run max camber front and rear for performance reasons. Still not enough.
That's good news.