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Endless Details has lowered his 3". I wouldn't do it personally, but it looks better than the F31 wagon IMO.

Originally Posted by Endless Details View Post
Mine being lowered 3" has gotten some interesting reactions. I've been asked if its a 1 series hatch, if its an X3, I had a guy in a ML63 AMG stop me and ask if it was a 3 series hatch, some people have asked if it was a 1 wagon... In the end... Everyone of all ages and styles has liked it a lot... Everyone that comes to the shop loves it and has expressed interest in it. Most people were iffy before it was lowered because the X1 has a high ride height for its size especially the M Package ones... Once I lowered it everyone's tune changed and says that this is how it should have come. And for you all anti lowering SUV people, it is my daily, it has snows on, and there is nowhere I haven't been able to go with it including a rutted gravel driveway 1,000 feet long through the woods and it handles close to the way my e92 did.