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Originally Posted by frayedsheet View Post
Im in Australia and it makes a LOT of sence here:
> Audi Australia doesnt import the A4 allroad
> It is significantly cheaper than any A4 of similar spec
> It is significantly cheaper than a Q5 of similar spec
> It is no where near as boring/ugly as the Q5
> There are very few high tech all wheel drive diesel cars here
> It is WAY cheaper than a 3 series touring
> BMW Aust. dont import a 3 series touring with the 23d engine nor with xDrive
> A diesel Tiguan is just too slow and boring to bother entertaining that option

There is nothing on the market here that has all wheel drive, can tow my 1.2ton boat/trailer combo, can come close to 0-100 in 7.3s, can return 7.8L/100 in the city with a base price under AUD60,000!

I really wish BMW Aust put the 23d engine in a 3 series.