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Originally Posted by bimmerdiesel View Post
I think you didnt read my comments properly. I didnt talk about feels like temps or external heaters. BMW diesel cars come with electric block heaters and there is no NEED of 3rd PARTY heaters.
I think you did not read my post, because more and more of the newer BMW diesels do not come with engine block heaters, and no way to even mount them. Including the newer 335d, which you brought up as an example. Do a few googles, and you'll see it discussed.

This seems to be part of a shift in the direction BMW are going, from making winter friendly cars to vehicles less suited for extreme conditions.

They are not alone in this; it appears to be an overall market shift from "good enough" to "good enough for most". I personally wish it weren't so, and that I could get my X1 with an electric engine heater (yes, even for petrol cars), mirror defrosters, scraper friendly headlights, bigger door handles, 15" winter wheels with soft, studded tires (and a spare!), and enough clearance to put on chains.