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I haven't tried it on the X1, but the effect on a naturally aspiring V8 was more than just noticeable - it was almost like driving without an air filter. Lots more power. Granted, the 5.0 l sucks a lot more air due to the larger volume, so the effects would be higher. Engine volume * compression * rpm pretty much is how much air you need.

This also means that the benefits will be minimal if you drive in eco mode and try to avoid high rpms, but much bigger if you drive like petrol were free.

I've also tried it on a straight four 1.9 l Honda, where I honestly can't say whether a perceived power improvement was a placebo effect. There was a slight improvement in mileage, but not enough to quickly pay for the filter.

The question is whether it will throw an error code - the air stream is measured, and you may get warnings about lean mixture.