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AFAIK, only the bluetooth chipset in Navi supports A2DP (audio streaming). Professional one doesn't. It's very annoying indeed as many ~$100 aftermarket deck supports that now. The USB-iPhone connector cable (regardless of new or old) would only get you charging and playback control, only the 3.5mm connector cable would get you audio to AUX. The USB port is not for any audio related purpose.

The reason for getting the Navi is not only for navi, but also for backup camera and other driver assist features. Yes, $2k is a lot for it, and it's annoying that backup camera is not a default feature.

My feeling that the Professional head unit has an old Bluetooth chipset as the deck has been used in the previous 3 series for a few years, which A2DP wasn't even available back then. The X1 interior is also designed a few years back and mainly meant to be sold in Europe, where backup cam wasn't a standard features back then either.

I picked the X1 mainly for it's engine and transmission as they are the latest. Granted not having the navi, bluetooth streaming and lack of fancy LED interior, it does look dated interior feature wise (my wife even said it's doesn't feel like a BMW...), it still gives me great pleasure daily.