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Originally Posted by Dandaman184 View Post
Hey Syle I have a Mineral Grey but the M Line. I am about to get my windows tinted at 25%, how do you think black wheels would look with the grey and tinted windows? I have the black grills already in there too.
i am sure it would look great. very masculine choices ... i on the other hand, loved the contrasting colors. As far as the check with whatever state regulations... i heard that people with illegal tint gets a hard time whenever they do state inspection. If your interior is black, then the window tint will appear more darker..... either way it's gonna look great especially if that is what you want. The important thing is doing and having it exactly how you wanted it.. after all you are driving it and seeing it on a daily basis.... coming out from work, i am always excited to see my carbaby hehehehe..... Good luck!

btw.... that 25% tint.. in the end will give you about hmm... 22-20% plus the dark interior... it would come out even darker.... Go for it if that is what you like.. but keep in mind your state inspection and cops being a kill joy..