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Hi Everyone,

now I am wondering what my options are.

After I came home, I checked both versions of the brochure and they both say paddles included. I am going to get in touch with my dealer tomorrow to see what we can do but I am hoping one of you BMW experts might have some advice.

Does anyone know if the paddles can be retrofitted to the car? Other than the paddles, I am happy with the car, but I am not sure if I can live with it for the next 3 years as a plain "automatic".
Well, first thing is to relax and stay calm, and enjoy the beautiful weather you are having. Then go see the dealer and see what they say.

Did the ordering guide show them as standard with the automatic? If so, it sounds like you have a good case to get them retrofitted or some sort of compensation.

IMHO the paddles aren't really that great and more of a toy that you will soon grow tired of.
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