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Hi Everyone,


to my horror it does not have paddles on the steering wheel. I know that there have been some MY11 changes since I placed my order, but in both the original brochure AND the current one, paddles are standard on Automatic 23ds. ...
Same thing happened to me. Mine was one of the first MY11 builds at the end of October. If you have a look under the bonnet lid there is a plaque with the build date on it. When I ordered it BMW was selling it with paddles on the Auto option but nowhere on the options list did it mention it specifically. Car came without paddles and when I asked the dealer he said that the paddles became an optional extra over and above the auto with the MY11 build. As mine was ordered before MY11 for build/delivery after the MY11 changeover it never flagged up on their system. To say I was pi$$ed off is an understatement, but you know what, I don't miss it to be honest. Yours will still have the triptronic feature which is probably more like a manual anyway.

Couldn't let them get away with it though so managed to scrounge a few freebies for my missing paddles.

Oh, and dealer says they cannot retrofit in their workshop.
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