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Originally Posted by two-five boy View Post
Nice pics! I give you extra props for scheduling ED in winter! I guess you didn't bother with winter tire rental?

How long did it take for the car to be re-delivered after dropping off in Europe? I've heard that the shipping of ED cars are not prioritized like the new ones since the sale has already been accounted for?
Thanks. We did not do winter tire rental, but it was light snow and my car had m+s al l season tires. We had no issues with it.

We dropped the car off on Dec 3 and it hit US shores on Jan 5. Since my car comes through an east coast port the estimated time is 4-6 weeks. West coast deliveries have a 6-8 week delivery estimate. My car still has to go through VPC and then board a transport truck to Louisiana. We hope to see it in the next two weeks. The wait felt long but the entire experience was totally worth it.

The people at BMW Welt in Munich make bmw owners feel extra special. Do it if you can afford the time off and wait after.