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Originally Posted by Grovsnus View Post
The only real arguments I have against diesel is that up north, you need an engine block heater (or heated garage), or it won't start. BMW doesn't sell engine block heaters, it appears. And if you get it started, it will pollute far more on winter days. Some European countries talk about day-taxing or even banning diesel cars when it's really cold.

So yes, I can understand why BMW doesn't want to bring any diesels to the US market.
Not true about BMW diesels. my 335d comes with block heater and starts perfectly fine even at -9F. There are owners on this forum who were able to start their BMW diesels even at -20F(canadians).

Originally Posted by Grovsnus View Post

Cleaner? No, it's not. While newer diesel engines are much cleaner than older ones, and cleaner than old petrol engines too, advancements haven't only happened for diesel engines, so modern low-emission petrol engines are less polluting than modern diesel ones.
Not true again. 335d is cleaner than 335i. There is no black smoke what so ever. Also if you compare soot collected in tail pipes of 335i and 335d you will be surprised to find 335d's tail pipes a lot cleaner.