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Originally Posted by Lucky13 View Post
One reason we won't get the X1 for a while is this is by far the biggest market for Mini and the Countryman is selling extremely well. We'll get the X1 by next spring as they finally meet all the demand for the X3 and Countryman. The X1 competes with both so they are being smart by holding off on it.
Hi Lucky13,

Not sure why you say the Mini/Countryman competes with the X1?

Imho they are very different in all aspects, different classes for that matter. Well in Europe anyway.

My very non-scientific comparison:

Mini - Tiny city car, I own a Cooper, cost around 18k.
Countryman - VW Golf size SUV (-ish), cost around 25k I have driven the Countryman and owned a Golf.
BMW X1 - Crossover thats almost the exact same size as a 3-series estate, cost around 34k. I have the 2.0d
BMW X3 - SUV thats about the same size as a Q5 and the same size as the first X5, Costs around 40k

The prices I mention above are all for a middle/upper range spec with a 1.6 or 2.0l engine.

Just for interest, out of the list above and below I still think I have made the best choice, ie Mini for the city and X1 for the longer family journeys.

Vehicles I test drove to get to this point:

Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper S
Mini Countryman Cooper S
BMW X3 (previous model)
BMW 3-series Estate
Toyota RAV
VW Tiguan
VW Passat (previous model)
Audi A3 Estate
Audi A4
Audi Q5
Merc E-class Coupe
Merc E-class Estate
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