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Originally Posted by gmilori View Post
I'm still a little confused as to why this thing exists. Sure, it looks awesome. I have nothing against it at all. I am only puzzled by BMW's intentions with it. I mean, has anyone who purchases an X3 been like "Damn, I wish it was smaller." Can anyone tell me what the target audience is with the X1?
i hear your question .. for the UK market I think it maybe makes more sense than in other markets .. as we don't get xDrive versions of the 3er or 5er. i bgt one for thw wife as she was using the M5 as a daily and the parking spaces over here are just too darn small. she (and I) would be constantly concerned of other drivers doors hitting ours, and also other drivers clipping the front/rear when entering/exiting a space. it really was that bad. so we wanted something smaller but spacious enough for a family. and also (as we seem to be getting worse winters each year) we wanted something that was more grippy (the M5 in winter is pretty much useless imo). enter, the xDrive X1. naturally I considered the e91, but the X1 offers up pretty much same load and interior space, but was slightly smaller too.. and as mentioned, we don't get offered the xDrive wheelbase on non X models.

agree with someone elses comment also .. that the X1 is great, in fully loaded guise. personally, we're VERY happy with the car. and the fuel consumption compared with the last car is blowing me away each week that passes
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