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Originally Posted by Not_Judy View Post
Ridiculous. I agree most forms of social media are nothing more than people seeking validation. I have an Instagram account but rarely do I actually post pictures of myself unless it's a special event. I've had my account for a little over 3 years and think I have 140-150 posts; I see people who make 8-10 posts a day. My account is mostly poking fun of society and social media in general.....I realize how ironic this is. The biggest reason for my Instagram account is something to waste time with as I don't have Facebook. I shut my Facebook account down a year ago and soon realized how much happier I was without it. Facebook is a megaphone for morons and attention whores, Instagram is too to a degree. I don't follow those who ask to be followed or have huge followings unless it's a famous person.

I've come to realize that the people who are very much into Facebook and spend mass amounts of time on it are deplorable people in reality. Chris Rock made a statement on Bigger and Blacker that always stays in the back of my mind for some reason, "When you meet someone for the first time, you aren't meeting them; you're meeting their representative." Facebook is nothing more than peoples "representatives" and even their representatives are so damn shallow I can't stand to even look.
I'll have to watch that Chris Rock clip lol. I couldn't agree with you more, and all this is never going way. Social media is not just some fad because it manipulates peoples' people's self esteem. Human beings innately feel the need for belonging and self-righteous and Instagram and the lot are an easy way to provide that validation.

Not to mention all the money involved too with getting more social media followers. Anything that makes money will never go away.
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