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Originally Posted by bimmerdiesel View Post
Not true about BMW diesels. my 335d comes with block heater and starts perfectly fine even at -9F. There are owners on this forum who were able to start their BMW diesels even at -20F(canadians).
"Even at"? Back when I lived in inland Scandinavia, -20C to -30C (-4F to -22F) was the common January temperature range, and you could count on hitting -40 (either scale) at least once. That's real temperatures, none of that "feels like" windchill stuff the sissies over here reckon.
That's a No Go for diesel engines without an electric or gas powered engine block heater. So as you can imagine, there's a big market for 3rd party engine block heaters, and a fair amount of cussing over the many BMW models where you can't even fit one, and the best you can do is an oil pan heater (which won't help when the engine block sucks the heat right out of the pistons so the diesel won't ignite).
Your 335d must be an older model, because from what I can tell, you can't even fit one on the newer models.

For inland Scandinavia, Siberia, Alaska and non-border-hugging Canada, BMW diesels just aren't really the best option for winter use, and it's a shame that they've become less heavy winter friendly over the years, both with the lack of block heaters and winter wheel/tyre combinations with no sidewall, low rolling resistance and great wet grip, which is exactly the opposite of what you want for truly cold weather. I was surprised that I couldn't even get studded tires for the X1 from BMW anymore. But at least they sell a petrol version.