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sorry for the late reply, Wiring is pretty simple to do:
You need to add an earth to pin 2. use a wire tap and connect it to the brown ground/earth already in pin 4. dont connect it to your body for some reason it doesnt like it.

Now add a wire in pin 5 and again using a wire tap connect it pin 6. This will allow the shutter to activate when flicking the high beams.

These connections can easily be made from the loom on the car side or you can do it from within the headlight but its very tight in there and you may struggle.

once its all hooked up your xenons will work (not high beams ) but as soon as you start the car the xenons will flicker until you get them coded to your car.

Email this guy on ******* 'at' and he will do a remote session via teamviewer and code your car for a small fee(donation) tell him Mohsan gave you his details.
You will need a K+DCAN cable and NCS Expert software installed. Cable is around 20 eruros and software is free on the internet.
Alternatively you will need to find someone locally to code your car for you as the dealers will not do this to your car unless you are on very good terms with them and if so then the wiring will need to be redone in different way and they will tell you that you will probably need a new FRM module which will be another 300euros or more.