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Originally Posted by two-five boy
Here's a user review of the install and performance of the piggyback tuner by Burger on the X5. I had been monitoring this thread when I still had my X5 before deciding to trade in for the X1.

I'm personally going to refrain from upping the boost on the N20, as I plan to keep this car LT and want to wait a couple of years to see how this motor holds up, given its already running ~15lbs of boost in stock form.
I would agree if the unit were boosting to unreasonable levels, but i don't think that's the case. An additional 3lbs of boost won't make a grenade out of your motor. The reason for a revised tune (for me) is for throttle response first and foremost. Maybe a bit less lag and perhaps a small amount of power up top.
These units are made to mimic the characteristics of the stock tune, albeit with a small tweak - so it's not jarring on stock components.
Looks like I'll be a guinea pig if the sale goes through. That said, I would trust Hartge over BMS, but that's just me.