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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
I think what you are saying has been going on for several decades but has simply just worsened exponentially due the internet and especially social media.

It sounds cliche but I just don't have much faith in people anymore. People in the professional world are out to backstab and screw you, people on social media just want attention, people drive like assholes, etc. Everybody's in it for themselves no matter whatever BS they preach. That is why I laugh at people on the far left who despise Trump for being a jerk yet they do scummier things in their own personal lives, and the same goes for people on the far right hating on X Y Z.

I don't trust a single soul outside my mother, father, and my bank account. In general, outside my immediate family and 10-15 close friends I don't care for anybody. I used to not have this attitude and be kinder and more trust of people, until I was repeatedly taken advatange of and harassed by the people I trusted to help me. Screw everyone.
Dude - don't put trust in your bank account - money is as "faithful as a pussycat." Reminds me of a German relative, who said he had watched the money collapse three times in his life - can you imagine that? And some states currently have an "intangibles tax" that can dry up your bank account without you ever making a withdrawal. About 8 years ago Congress was considering a tax on "imputed income" as a factor in Social Security.
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