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Originally Posted by ScottSinger View Post
saw him in a great movie with U2’s Edge and Jimmy Page and he’s a virtuoso of the guitar. In a venue like the school above would be very memorable.

Saw Dwight Yokum last August in a small intimate setting and the guitarist Eugene Edwards was a lot of fun to watch - seeing top musicians in great setting.
This was a great documentary, It Might Get Loud. Wish they had picked someone other than The Edge, who basically uses a guitar in the same fashion EDM DJ's used turntables back in the day, innovative yes; but also kind of cheating. The bit about how the reverberation of the drums for When the Levee Breaks was awesome. The look on Jacks face when Jimmy Page started playing was priceless, like a kid seeing Super Man in person.

Jack is known for pop-up shows like this Definitely check out their documentary Under the Great Northern Lights. When he performs White Moon off-the-cuff and Meg starts crying is a touching moment.

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Yeah, that documentary was pretty cool. I like him, his guitar collection is great. But everything post WS has been pretty lacking. Potential is great, delivery is suspect.
Not a big fan of his solo stuff, but check out the Raconteurs stuff if you haven't heard it. The second album Consolers of the Lonely is good stuff!