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Originally Posted by micosilver View Post
I am at X1 training right now, if anyone has a specific question - please post it or text it to 4153356535.
I will have access to trainers and a sample car until noon.

Can you compare the driving experience (such as, handling and performance) between 35i and 28i? I like N55 engine, but the 6 speed auto transmission is dated technology. Based on the final drive ratio (published on, I roughly caculated that to maintain 75m/h highway speed, 28i engine just needs to keep 2100 rpm, while 35i has to run around 2500 rpm (which is not optimized in both gas comsumption and engine noise). In both local and highway driving, does 35i perform much better thn 28i? I just want to see if 35i is worth of the extra $3000.