Thread: X1 tyres in UK?
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Originally Posted by Stilling View Post
As said before here in the north its normal to change to Winther tires around mid November and change back in April, so thatís standard to have 2 set of tires for each car. Infact its illegal to drive on summer tires in the winther in Sweden.

But iīm a little interested in the mud/snow tires, I would like to run a little off road and standard road summer tires isnít for that purpose 
What I call mud/snow tyres are the ones with a little * on them. Many also have the letters M/S on them as well. Its these that I call Winter Tyres but I may be wrong. Are the Winters Tyres in Sweden/Norway/Finland different than standard M/S tyres? And then I don't know the proper name for studded tyres, Ice Tyres perhaps