Thread: X1 tyres in UK?
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Originally Posted by matthewuk View Post
Our next car is going to be 4-wheel drive and am close to ordering an X1. Most the 4-wheel drives I have driven in the past come as standard with mud and snow tyres but the X1 tyres seem to be quite 'normal' (unless I missed something when I took a quick look in the dealership)

In the unlikely event of another winter like the last can anyone put me straight about how the standard tyres will perform in snow/slush? I really want to be able to get up to the Glenshee/Aviemore on a snowy day without having to worry...(assuming the snow gates are open!)
Hi mathewuk, I see we are in the same area Did you ever get an answer as to where we can get snow tyres for the X1? I plan to take mine up to the snow fields this winter and am seriously looking at getting a set of mud/snow tyres for it. Too many problems with chains on snow/dry/snow/dry roads.