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My previous car was Passat with the vw/audi 2.0 turbo engine and it would not give me this kind of lag.I also drove a turbo that have lag and the car would go once you step on the gas just not as fast but once the turbo power kick in the car would jump off and surprise you. It is kind of like when you have the ECO turn on and you drive normally which is quite slow and laggy then you step down the gas and the engine give you full power. The different is turbo lag preforme the same no matter how much gas you apply.

Right now we are talking about throttle delay in this case the car would not go at all for about half second; no matter how much gas apply. And you can also see the engine rpm was not going up at all duing that half second which mean the engine wasn't even 'getting order' from the ecu to move.

Prehap most people never drove a turbo before so think this is a turbo lag?