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Originally Posted by Transfer View Post
You can sit in D and repeatedly tap the throttle and it won't do anything. There's seriously a 1-2 second delay and it's borderline dangerous when trying to accelerate from a stop. Interestingly (and frustrating), there is no lag when in park!
I think this is the "Turbo Lag".

The turbo turbine is directly connected exhaust of your engine, the higher the engine's rev speed the more turbo boost you will get

When you are in P or N, the rev speed can built up quickly because there is no load on the engine. Whereas if you are in D, the engine is now connected to the shaft, and your car is stationary, therefore, it is much slower to built up the rev.

We need to understand there is a "Turbo Lag" in all turbo engines. When the turbo engine is idling you just have a 2 liter naturally aspirated engine under the hood.

Power and Torque of the BMW 28i turbo engine:

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