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I think pretty much everything has been covered. Move to a smaller diameter wheel or swap out the tires. I wouldn't recommend deflating your tires, though. Aside from wear and lower mpg, you may be putting your wheels at risk by doing that if you do not have the smoothest of roads around you.

The few RFT sets I've experienced were not bad for 'normal' commuting and milling about but a lot of others have claimed the same tire was too harsh. Harshness is a common complaint with RFTs, in part due to the metal reinforcement in the sidewalls (amongst other things). I do not mind a harsh ride, though.

Moving away from RFTs altogether is not so bad an option. You would be surprised at how much a difference a different tire can make for not just 'performance' but also ride quality and noise. I tend to swap out RFTs for personal preference of tires. I always keep a bottle of slime and a plug/patch kit in my cars to mitigate being stuck somewhere with a flat/puncture.Aside from getting a tire I like/want, non-RFTs are usually cheaper to replace, too. The Pirelli Cinturato RFT actually costs a fair deal more than Pilot Super Sports (if you can believe it). Some places will plug/patch a RFT depending on if the tire deflated from a puncture, location of punction, distance driven after noticing said puncture, etc... even though they are technically not suppose to. If your tires hare fairly worn and you get a flat/puncture, you really should replace both tires on on that axle (a lot of people don't) so the cost goes up even further.