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Android Upgrade Screen for X1 Ultimate

Originally Posted by Kriston View Post
Avin / 4x4 shop all the same stuff. They buy from Navifly / Mekede in China and rebrand for a huge markup here.

If you are using apple car play, doesnt matter what android version you got. Your using your phones processor at that point.
I have galaxy 8+ android phone for now, need waze google maps for directions out of town,Android auto is on my phone now,

Ok is console gonna have to come out for install ? Hate the phone cradle in console waste of space, must go

it looks tricky

X1 has I controller allready in ultimate package and rear camera and factory HK Audio System, CIC with in dash nav monitor is all faded and scratched,

i would have bought this allready was looking at radio option list for ordering radio as to what i will need to complete this exact install

Buy pry tools and radio options needed for complete install: plus customer support,
Avin seems lacking here, 4x4 seems better choice wish they were closer they would do install

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