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Originally Posted by peter123

Thanks Driven2Drive, very helpful; i'll plan to do this myself too. However, I must say that IKEA makes better instructions. I **think** that it means to partially remove the red tape (protective covering of double-sided sticky tape?) and then pull the rest off once the flap is positioned correctly. But I wonder if a bit of extra silicone caulking might help keep corrosive salt spray from collecting between the flap and fender? Input from anyone who has done the installation?
The red is the plastic covering on the double sided tape that helps hold the flap flush with the fender and lower bumper. I only did this on the driver rear side due to it possibly needing to be remover in order to remove one of the covers. Putting silicon would help with sealing the joint, but I am not sure it is necessary. Probably would not hurt unless there is a reaction between the silicon and the plastic or paint.