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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Well...From what I saw was that MAX and Lewis were driving equal in the beginning of the race . But after +/- 30 laps Lewis was running non-stop the fastest laps and Lewis was the fastest driver of the race . MAX could stand the stress coming from behind very well .But man ! The second time and the way how Lewis overtook on MAX . Well to me it looked like MAX was running in slow-motion. It was like the RB Honda was losing power during the race . While the Merc was approaching like a bullet ! While MAX said he pushed it to the limit ....
OFC the tire strategy was always present during the race...Lewis lost also 1.7 the first pitstop relative to MAX (MAX in 2.3 sec. / Lewis in 4 sec.)
Second pitstop ...+/- 22 sec. At that moment I thought the race was for MAX . But no...The Merc was approaching like a missile again ! And I knew what and who was coming from behind !

Seems like RB Honda has still some work to do concerning the power of the motor , because the Merc looked bullet fast . But from what I heard the Honda-spec4 motor is ready for Monza , with a grid start penalty included for MAX and Gasly !

OFC here.. we/I'm very disappointed because the whole weekend looked really promising for MAX .
The thrill was on ! Today we saw a great race and clean driver actions during this race .

Many congratulations for Lewis . Great driver , he's bullet fast with the Merc ! LEWIS really deserved the victory from today ...
I would say Max and Lewis drove equally well today. Neither made any mistakes, and both pushed to the limit of the cars.

Merc still has the upper hand, and I think will remain the favourite this year. Next year though, is going to be very interesting, as I think it will a year long fight between Max and Lewis for the title. I suspect Ferrari is not going to be in contention this year or next. They seem to go from bad to worse every race.

As for what will happen in 2021, is anyone's guess, as the rules will change massively.