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Sounds like you may have a faulty controller knob. I haven't had that issue myself. Sometimes I have to hold a button down for a half a second to a second rather than giving ita quick tap, give that a shot and see if it makes a difference.

I bought my Carplay dongle directly from Avin and it can get firmware updates directly from the app. You may have issues with a 3rd party Carplay dongle.... Maybe try either turning off bluetooth or disconnecting bluetooth entirely on your phone to see if that fixes the audio skipping problem though.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the tips. Holding the button longer definitely helps. Contacted AVIN and they are going to send me a new controller, so that's a plus. Skipping on CarPlay seems less severe (though still present) when turning off bluetooth. Could very well be the 3rd party dongle.

Had a question about your install. When I installed my unit, it was very difficult to remove the AC controls. In the 4x4 canada shop install video I watched, the way they removed the trim piece that holds the external cup holder isn't possible on my 2015 X1. I ended up having to angle the AC unit and yank it out (which was very sketchy and I definitely do not recommend). I didn't break anything (at least I don't think I did...) but would like to avoid doing that again if I ever need to remove the unit. Did you have an easier way of removing the AC controls?