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245/40-19 and 275/35-19 on 225m Wheels

Pirelli P Zero All Season 245/40-19 up front and 275/35-19 in the rear. Stock 225M wheels.
Only had them on for a couple of days, no rubbing or poking out. Stock suspension.


So far so good. Going from the run flats this is a much better ride and quieter too. There is a little less feel in the turn in (I don't know the term), not quite a sharp I guess. The choice was these or the Michelin ultra HP all season. What I read and was told was that the Pirelli was quieter and the Michelin was better turn in response. Going wider in the front I knew I would lose a little in the turn in but I hoped that the quality of the Pirellis would offset that... not quite.

In hind sight, I don't know maybe the Michelin's noise (very little) would have been acceptable but this is my daily driver and I rarely do spirited driving so... I still don't know. (I have a Dinan tune btw).

Overall I am very happy. These look perfect on the car. I was afraid that they would barely fit on the rim and look silly but they look stock imo. I will probably try the Michelin next time but hopefully that won't be for a couple of years.

Anyway just wanted to post and tell people they CAN get a little wider and better cushioning from their stock wheels (these are 7mm taller radius and 14 overall diameter so not much, I hope this helps with all of the construction in Northern VA rt66).

.53% diff front to rear. no errors or anything like that so far.

All of the pics are of the rear... front looks similar.

What do you guys think?


EDIT 7/9/19 Been running on these for a while now and still love the setup but it does rub on the front drivers side in reverse while turning hard left. Not a big deal, small rub but thought I should let people know.
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