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Originally Posted by Not_Judy View Post
A tip of the hat to you sir. This is exactly why I asked. I know people that don't have kids because of medical reasons, I know people that don't have kids because they can't get laid and then there are you lot; which in my opinion deserve a reward or something. Knowing what you want, realizing there are kids that need homes, etc. gets my respect. I was this way for the longest time, but then realized that in the event that I did not procreate my families name died with me so I spread the seed. The jury is still out on whether or not that is good thing.
Yea, my "family's name" is also with my cousins who have there is my brother. Granted he's 4 yrs older and....single? taken? I don't know. But hope still lies with him.

My parents excepted the no kids and love my dogs like grandkids and spoil them to death.