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Originally Posted by Not_Judy View Post
I would love to witness this in person. A friend of mine just recently bought an i3. He has told me several ninja stealth mode stories.

It's this shit that pisses me off! At least the guy that traded seats with you, for whatever reason, finally did so. This tells me a lot about you, you're much nicer person than I am to strangers. I'm that asshole that would have said something to them about finding alternative seating arrangements......and yes.....Deadpool was BAD ASS!!! I may have laughed a little too hard at the "He wants to turn your face into a fuckable ashtray" line.

I see this quite often fact this morning on my way to work. A young guy in space grey 2011 E93. The space next to him was open but hey, I get it, it was 4 feet further away from the door. I took the open space next to him....honestly just for the fact that he was a douche for parking there and my car was nicer than his. (yes, I'm that guy)

Determining which one of the customers owned the E93 was easy. I asked him if that was his car and complimented him on his wheels, as they were nice when he stated, "Oh I thought you were going to say something about the guy in the BMW taking the handicapped spot." To which I said, "No, not everyone who drives a BMW is a selfish prick, There's a guy out there with a much nicer car than yours who chose one of the non-handicapped spot." I left first and sat in my car until he came out so he could actually see the nicer car and also see that it was me.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also like downshifting the M6 and timing it so the backfire shocks people sometimes as well. It's a character deficit.

On calling them out, I'm mellowing as I get older and I don't want to cause a scene when I'm enjoying the time I spend with my brother. A few years ago it would have been:

Very cool on your interaction. I'm entitled to a handicap placard due to my severely damaged hips but I rarely use it as there are people in much worse shape than I am and my pain, while severe, tends to be transient. I was at a bar one of the few times I used the placard as I received a stem cell treatment and was in the remodeling phase and in pain as well as stiff. A patron walked in and commented on the "jerk" in the i8 parked in the handicap space when the manager jumped in and told him that it happens to be for a customer that needs it and happens to be a nice guy and he should either STFU or leave. I just smiled inwardly and enjoyed my beer and gave a big tip to the staff. Lol!
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