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Originally Posted by morski View Post
Can you post the part no of the insulation you used. Thanks
The insulation is part number 51489141036
The rivets are part number 51481915964

5 rivets were supplied with the insulation. I used those in the central area near where the mounting holes are but had to drill some holes to move them where they would work on the X1 hood.
I purchased another seven rivets to secure the perimeter tabs that did not line up with the slots in the sheet metal. The long rear slot / edge can be used as is.

The only suggestions I have are:
-make sure the edges of the insulation are clear of the seal lines on each side (seals are rubber strips mounted each side of the engine bay which seal to the hood when it is closed). I could see where they seated on the paint under the hood and it is a close fit from side to side
-hold a small piece of sheet metal between the support you are drilling and the hood so when the drill breaks through there is no chance of dinging the hood

It is not difficult and I am happy I did it every time I drive the car