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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I have been getting familiar with my new baby and on the whole I am very happy with the car. My dealer says that they are checking with Germany what needs to be done and will have me sorted soon.

As for the tracking, get the VIN from your dealer then go to

Enter the VIN into the Cargo ID field and you'll get the name of the ship your car is booked on. It will not appear until it is booked on the ship - for me it was about 2 days before it was leaving on the boat.

As BMWDave says, once you know your ship name, just go to and enter your ship name into the Search box on the top right. (Mine came on DON PASQUALE.)

And yes ... it is a very slow trip. However, it's still pretty cool to be able to see where your car is. If you want to be a real geek, zoom in and use the Satellite view to actually see the ports where the ship docks. If you drag the map around a bit at the docks, you can sometimes see where all the cars are loaded/offloaded. If you're a tragic, like me, you'll check the progress every day and you can even see which specific mooring the ship pulls into at the various ports.