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I really don't get it ... Sure there is some comparison to do in term of price and options but really ... How many BMW enthusiast have compared a 3 series to an acura TSX or a X1 to a Honda CRV fully loaded ?????

When I bought my X1, I was "comparing" with a 328i xdrive touring not a CRV or a RAV4 ... Enthousiast don't care about "best value" for the class. If we bought a BMW it's for driving dynamics, sport feeling, acceleration, cornering and yeah ... Look !!!

So please, stop comparing BMW with Acura or other brand not named Audi, Mercedes or Infiniti. Price for price those are the only other brand which can compare with BMW.

Stop bringing the "value" factor cause it's a nonsense. BMW's are pricey cars. They will never win any "Best value for the price" category period. You like it ? Then you don't mind the premium price. Sure you can cut here and there in the option list to get some value but if your an enthousiast you will never make the sacrifice of a lazy steering and gutless acceleration for some more cargo space or addittional options ...

This is a nonsense to me. Consumer report don't understand the passion of car enthusiast. Damn it, If all was a "best value" deal, we would only see Hyundai's and Kia's on the road those last 3 years. They have cars under 20 000 $ with heating seats ( rear too ) and all bells and whistles normally paid with extra pkg ... But again, enthusiast don't give a damn about that. They wan't cars that will make them feel special.

And so, I would keep my small X1 xDrive 28i over any Acura RDX ...