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I know I looked all over at every type of SUV or wasgon out there, as I have a very specific need related to the trunk size. I am coming from an 08 VW Touareg, and the X1 seemed to be a perfect fit for me. But I can see how people would just as easily upgrade to something else like a Touareg/Q5/Cayenne (all the same platform) or a X3.

I am also a very young buyer, and would not have been as attracted if it were priced higher like the Volvo XC60 is.

Rory, in response to your post finally: My opinion is that for all practical reasons, the 28 engine is better and the 35 is just a bit too much. My driving is mostly suburban, as I am guessing yours is so I think the 28 fits in better there. I will also miss some of those features, but driving my X1 will definitely make up for the missing parts, and is what I am buying the car for right?