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Originally Posted by Cyee View Post
Just bought x1 18i drive around 800km but had pump 3 full tank of gasoline or 14.5 l / 100km
I am around 90% of city driving but had try to control rpm not more than 2000
Quick big different I seen some with 8 or 9 l / 100km
Could someone tell me what's is going on ~~
Hi Cyee, welcome to the forum

I have to ask, are your figures correct? You say you used 3 tanks (200l) for 800km. Thats 25l/100km which seems impossibly high (or something is wrong). Also, are you going by what it says on the trip computer, or is it your own calculation? Unless you zero the consumption on the computer as well when you fill up it will give you the overall consumption since the last zero.
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