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Originally Posted by Simonbkk View Post
Thanks a lot for this info, I was thinking the problem was with the hole for the screen but that is ok right ?
How much did you pay for the new dashboard, I am seriously considering trying to modify the hole for CIC & AC, due to the fact that even if the cost of the dash is reasonable, the shipping to Thailand will probably kill me.
My friend who has this X1 is a metalworker so he might be able to design a bracket insert.
Hi Simon,

The dash cost me ZAR 9500,00 (about €950,00) - That was after the cash discount I got from my BMW dealer... But at least that included the shipping and I had it in under 2 weeks from Germany. You would probably get a better price looking for parts from a BMW parts specialist (perhaps from a written off car) and that will probably be cheaper. But yes, the shipping will be very expensive and you'll probably end up paying exactly what I did. Patryk did offer but I had already ordered the dash from my dealer - perhaps you could try him - his pricing is very good and he has a better chance of getting a used one as the market is bigger in Europe.

If you do manage to modify yours I would love to see some pictures. As far as I could tell the hole where the storage compartment goes seems to be the same, but I wouldn't take my word for it - to be honest, once I realized the CIC doesn't fit, I didn't bother with removing the storage compartment - I just went and ordered the correct dash...

And if you do completely wreck the dash remember: I do have a spare one lying around...