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Originally Posted by Simonbkk View Post
Congrats on your CIC install, dashboard removal can be quite a daunting job, but only 4 screws makes it easier
Sent you a message about the iDrive dashboard, I am just about to do this install on an X1 also.
Cheers !
Hi Simon,

As far as the dash is concerned, unfortunately it is not quite the same as the one you need to fit the I-Drive. In fact it is all down to the bottom bracket that holds the radio and a/c unit in place: Unfortunately the plastic is moulded into a single DIN size to hold the radio in place. This makes it impossible to install the CIC unless you are prepared to do a LOT of modifying...

Even if you cut the "offending" piece of plastic out, you would still have to create the 4 grooves which normally hold the CIC in place. It's quite a lot of work. The dash also doesn't have slots in the right place to correctly install all the CIC and A/C trim pieces. I would recommend installing a new dash

Here is a photo of the Dash without I-Drive (You'll notice the slot is only large enough for a single DIN unit and there are no grooves on the sides for the CIC):

Here is a picture of the new Dash (The picture isn't too great but you can see the bracket at the bottom of the dash is completely open and is over double-DIN in size with the grooves to properly mount the CIC):