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X1 xDrive20d I-Drive retrofit

Hi Guys,

It's been a while since my last post.. I've finally completed my I-Drive retrofit :-) I thought I'd share some photos and info with you all...

Firstly I have to send out a massive thanks to Partyk for supplying all the necessary parts and for his excellent service! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to all of my friends! Thanks also to Steven and the guys from Lyndhurst BMW in Johannesburg for your help with the project!

First off here are the parts you need if you are wanting to do this retrofit (From BMW Professional Radio with no I-Drive, to I-Drive with Nav etc):
  • New Dashboard (Unfortunately you cannot just remove the storage bin in the dash)
  • Navigation Unit (In this case CIC HIGH)
  • LCD Display incl. mounting bracket (In this case 8" Professional Display)
  • I-Drive Controller
  • LCD Display Surround (Do not confuse with LCD Bracket)
  • New A/C Trim and CIC Trim
  • USB Connector (For glove box)
  • FAKRA GPS Antenna (Recommend Magnetic one)
  • I-Drive controller bracket
  • Cables (USB to CIC, CIC to LCD, Controller to LCD and CIC)
  • FSC Activation codes
  • Owners Manual (If you are pedantic like me...)
  • Set of TORX screwdrivers (Medium sizes all the way through to Large)

NOTE: If you have PDC and want to see the PDC on your new LCD you will need to replace your PDC module as well - Your PDC will still work if you don't but you wont get the visual guide on your LCD if you don't replace the module.

If you would like part numbers etc feel free to PM me or contact Patryk directly. The best way to make sure that you get the right parts is to give him you VIN - That way you can make sure you get exactly what you need.

In total you will need around 4 hours time to remove all the parts and install the new ones, plus around 1-2 hours for all the coding.

Once you have all your parts ready, I would suggest enlisting the help of at least 1 friend (technically minded) to assist.


You will have to remove the centre console in order to easily get the dash out (Remove the Gear lever / Shifter to make access easier). Once you have the centre console out you can start to remove the trim around the A/C. That lets you access to two screws holding in the radio. Once thats out too start removing the Dash trim. Start from the passenger side closest to the passenger door - I would suggest using a proper removal tool as you don't want to scratch you trim pieces :-)

Next remove the glove box and steering wheel completely. You will need to disconnect the passenger and steering wheel AIRBAGS - Try to handle them VERY CAREFULLY :-) Continue with removing the trim around the steering column and then disconnect and remove the instrument cluster. You should now be able to remove the instrument cluster cover. Continue with removing the key holder and then lastly remove the covers over the A-Pillars (Here's where you will need your largest TORX screwdriver) Be careful when removing the A-Pillar covers as there are curtain AIRBAG's behind the covers - Don't worry, you don't need to remover these AIRBAG's... I would also recommend wearing clean gloves to make sure you dont mess up the A-Pillar covers.

You should now be able to remove the entire dash - It is held in place by 4 screws only. This is where a second person comes in helpful :-) With the New Dash in place replace the A-Pillar covers and start installing the LCD Monitor. Connect all the cables to the LCD Monitor and start running them into the dash before installing to make the work easier. Run all the cables to the CIC and install the new CIC. The cable for the controller can be run neatly and there are pre-fitted cable holders to run your cables through (underneath the centre console which should still be removed.)

From there you should be able to replace all the parts in the reverse order.

NOTE: Only install the LCD Surround cover once you have completed the entire install and reconnected the battery to test the unit - the LCD Surround is made from soft plastic (almost like soft rubber) and will not like to be installed and removed too many times.

Hope this helps anyone wanting to do the install - Below are some photos of my install. I would love to hear your comments!

Starting to remove the Steering Wheel:

Radio, Steering Wheel, Glove box, Centre Console and Dash Trim removed:

Dash Storage Compartment removed:

Centre Console Removed (Look at the top right corner you will see a black plastic holder with E84 written on it. Use that to run your controller cable through):

Complete Dash removed (In the right top corner you may notice a flat piece of metal - just to the right of the steering column. This is the perfect place to mount your magnetic GPS antenna - It's flat, its unobstructed and when the install is complete there is nothing in the way not even the instrument cluster):

Another shot of the Dash removed (I suggest also using a nice big box for all your screws etc):

New dash installed (You will notice the A/C trim is now on top instead of under the radio as it was before):

Controller installed (Probably the easiest bit - Just unscrew the small storage bin from underneath and replace with the controller bracket. Then clip in the controller):

Programming the car with Patryk: