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Originally Posted by manicm View Post
Yup 3 to 4 months is what he gave me.

I was thinking along those lines, cos what's puzzling is that Singapore's now already assembling X1s, but I think they only have the 18i and 20d, and prices have thus decreased a bit!

To be honest prices here in SA, probably because of the duties etc, are hopelessly high. Like I said I'm paying the equivalent of 35,000GBP for my 18i!! But I have specced it up a bit.

But I got a bonus so gonna check with my dealer if it's not too late to switch to a s20d. If not, it's ok, I'll pile on some more extras
Holy crap, that's almost half a million R. Things have changed since I left. My last car in SA was a new 318i and cost R100k
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