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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if the paddles can be retrofitted to the car? Other than the paddles, I am happy with the car, but I am not sure if I can live with it for the next 3 years as a plain "automatic".

Thanks in advance everyone.

By the way, it's a 23d Auto, Sapphire Black, 18" 322 Y-spoke, Performance Control/Sports Suspension, Prof Nav, Front/Rear PDC w/ Camera, Design Cool Elegance, Bi-Xenons, Hi-Fi Spk - Today should have been a happy day!
Hi BTech,

that is very strange that the auto did not come with the paddles, all I can think of is that the person that put in the order only added Sports Steering wheel (assume leather) and not the paddle option. In Australia and according to the BMW Build site, the paddle option is standard on the 23d. But you still need to list that code "S02XA" with paddles, "S0255" without. M-Sport version "S07XA" with paddles, "S0710" without.

You should of had the configuration sheet with the list of options with all the codes next to them. As said - there are standard options in Australia which are not standard in UK or other parts of the country.

These still need to be listed so they know what they are building.

To retrofit they need to order the wheel, and it is a matter of plug in only.. I replaced my X5 wheel without any issues, all the ports are there...

I would demand they fix this for you - and ensure the VIN matches your order.. after all this is what it marketed in the BMW Australia website.

Good luck.