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18'' wheels on sdrive1.8?

Soon I will get my jet black sdrive 1.8. I'm expecting car to be mine on Dec 15th BUT I still cannot decide which wheels to choose...

I have set up my car and ordered with the V-spoke 318. Doing a vote test with my friends they most preferred the star spoke 319 or the 317...

I'm quite confused as discussed this with the salesman and he told me to decide, once the car will be here he will be able to swap wheels but once is done is over I cant go back again if I dont like them..

From all the wheels available I like more the 323 but its 18'' and I know that this is gonna increase the fuel consumption, will prevent off road driving and will make the whole driving most uncomfortable with the low 45 profile, especially in my area where the roads are not good for 45 profile.

Car is sdrive1.8
jet black
satin aluminium kidneys
chrome window recess covers
aluminium roof rails
vermilion red cloth upholstery
shark fin antenna

whats your opinion about the wheels guys?