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DIY: Kidney Grille Removal and Custom Silver Painted 23d Kidney Grilles :)

Hello everyone,

This weekend I was working on changing my kidney grilles to 23d ones. Since the original parts are 66 Euros in dealer and a lot more for installation i thought that I can do it myself. And since the operation was successful i wanted to share my experiences with you.

Tools needed:
Torx T30
Silver Metallic Spray Paint
Spray Varnish

There are two ways to remove the grilles. 1st is to remove the bumper and 2nd is my way

There are 4 T30 screws that holds bumper. Those have to be removed.

After that, if your car is equipped with the headlight washers, you also have to remove the covers of the nozzles. You have to be very careful while removing the covers. Nozzles have to be pulled straight up, or else there is a great possibility that you might brake them. Just pull straight, remove the covers without moving nozzles up and down, and slowly leave the nozzle to its original place again without moving up and down. If you get help from someone at this stage, it should be much more easier.

Nozzle covers removed:

After that, you can stretch the bumper from upper side and release the 3 latches with the help of a screwdriver.

After that you have to release the latch on the outer side. (Near the headlight).

At this point you again have to be careful not to screw the paint of the bumper. The reason is that, that latch can only be removed with the help of a long screwdriver. As you can see in the picture, the latch is right behind the rubber where it has a curve because I've loosened it. You can also see what I've done to the bumper paint No worries, the other side was perfect, just be careful

After that you can loosen the grille since it is half removed and release the other latches with hand. You might think that it might get broken bot no worries, bumper is so elastic Just be careful not to hurt your hand.

The grilles are removed, now it comes to paint them. To paint the them, it is better to remove the chrome lining from the grilles. You can also secure them with blue tape.

You may have difficulty releasing the latches of the chrome lining since there are too many and they are very tight. I come up with an idea. I insert screws to latches so they didn't snap in again when loosening others.

Then paint the grille with the spray paint. Apply 3-4 thin layers. If you wait 10-15 minutes between each layer it will be better. 3-4 thin layers are better than one thick layer. Before starting paint job don' forget to wash and clean the grilles carefully.

And lastly you have to carefully insert the chrome lining back. While doing this do not completely snap-in one side or you'll be in trouble. Try to equally snap-in from both sides.

And here is the final product.

Hope that helps!!!

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