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Originally Posted by niknik View Post
Wow. Indeed looks great! That's exactly the "tone" I'd like to have.

Some more questions if you don't mind:
1)Did you also tint the front windshield - or just all the other windows?
2)Do you have to wait a few days till you can use the windows?
(and how long till it's completely "fixed"?)
3)Did you notice any difference when driving at night?

Really nice work, I'll be waiting for the high quality pics.
I sure would like to see some closeups of the rear window, and how it looks on the defroster lines and the dot pattern edge.
Thanks Glad you liked it. I didn't tint the windshield. I always like clear view while driving so all the windows except the windshield. There is a 2 day period for films to fully stick to windows so it is recommended not to use the windows for 2 days. I don't know when it will stick completely but according to them it will take some time. At night it is almost the same view from the mirrors. Auto-dimming still works perfectly. I guess it is because of the quality of 3M. If you really plan to tint the windows I recommend that you stick with the 3M.