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Window Tint

What are your thoughts on using window film?
My main concern would be to block out excess heat, not to make it "pitch black".
I know high quality brands/films offer 10 year or "lifetime" warranties, and I've seen installers doing it in Ferraris and other high-end cars; but my main concern is: if they ever need to peel it off, will it come out ok without leaving a mark?
(Heard lots of reports about defrosting lines being ripped apart when removing the film; wouldn't like that to happen!)

Better yet, I definitely loved the idea of using a window film that gets darker in the day, and lighter at night: photochromic window film - like this guy put in his M3.

Sadly I can't find any more info on this type of film, nor I suspect I would be able to find any installer for it here in Portugal.

So, what are your thoughts/experiences regarding window tinting? Recommend it? Pros and cons? Problems? Forget about it?