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Interesting comparison- I took a look at the tiguan and X1 before going for the X1, and my previous car was a VW, so BMW had to impress me to change me over from being a satisfied VW owner. I went for the X1 in the end , but to be honest it was quite close. The X1 I prefer the looks of (yes many don't, by I do) and as it was a slightly more fun car to drive, a little quicker in the base 140BHP 2WD versions.

The Tiguan and X1 had similar build quality I thought and in roughly the same spec there was not so much difference in list price at least in the UK. (SE versions)

My impression was that the Tigaun was slightly bigger (the boot was bigger and the back seats slide forwards and backwards) so maybe a little more practical, but not too much in it, and my two kids had plenty of space in the back in both cars. the only other thing was the stereo which the 510 RCD in the VW sounded better than the base BMW. -
So probably I agree with the report to some extent, I thought the BMW looked better inside and out , and was a better drive, the VW slightly more practical with the table trays on the back of the front seats, extra storage spaces and size of boot.

so far no regrets on going with the X1.