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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
<-- I cant stand any audi interior, it looks so dead and tasteless.

The real issue is that BMW does not put in the quality interior designs like they devote to the sedans and Z models. All X vehicles suffer with a poor arrangement inside as well as the one series. Look at the 3,5, and 7 series, they all have the best interior designs vs the competition (IMHO). They just need to stop being so cheap really....
I wouldn't agree with this. I don't necessarily like the layout of the Audi interiors, too much clutter IMO, but I think the materials, fit and finish are nicer and design elements better integrated. The 3 series has a very modular design comparatively, lots of plastic, and that fat dash accent trim slapped across the front. It's made to be taken apart easily and it shows. Need to take into consideration small details of the 3 series like the placement of the window buttons (need monkey arms to reach) and a wide assortment of clashing textures as well...